What happens at a meeting?

Here’s how a typical 100 Women Who Care Antigonish Meeting goes:

All meetings will be 60 minutes or less. No exceptions.

All members must report to the Registration Desk prior to the meeting.

Only Registered Members will be admitted to meetings. If you wish to bring a friend, please have her complete a Member Registration Form before coming to the meeting or upon reporting to the Registration Desk.


5:30 – Registration, networking and refreshments!
5:45 – Move to meeting room.
6:00 – Meeting begins.


  • Opening remarks including # of members present.
  • How evening and voting will happen
  • Three 5 minute presentations.
  • Voting and tabulation; concurrent with 5 minute presentation by past recipient.
  • Announcement of next venue and three organizations.
  • Reminder to recruit; thanks to venue.
  • Announce the recipient organization.
  • Post meeting reception/ Meet & greet.

Ballot Collection:

  • Ballots will be marked with one selection only.
  • Ballots will not be folded (easier to count).
  • Ballots will be turned face down and passed to the member beside you.
  • Ballot collection will take place at the end of the row by a Member Volunteer.
  • Ballots will be counted by three Member Volunteers.
  • Balloting results will be shared with membership by the Co‐Chairs.
  • If there is a tie, there will be another ballot between the tied NPO’s using a different colour ballot.