About Us

About 100 Who Care Alliance

The 100 Who Care Alliance was started as a volunteer effort by four chapter heads that wanted to create a format for sharing ideas and learning from the best practices of other chapters. As chapter heads, we all have to address similar issues and challenges within our groups. We recognized that since we are in such diverse geographical locations, most of us can’t meet other chapter heads face to face and often, we don’t even know about each other. Towards that end, the Alliance was created to connect us, the Chapter Leaders.

A secondary goal in forming the Alliance was to get the word out more broadly about what we all are accomplishing locally, so we could inspire additional chapter growth throughout communities around the world. Our first activity was a conference in May 2015. We were hoping for 20 people, and 96 attended.

You do not need to “join” the Alliance or become a “member” of the Alliance to start a chapter. We compile a master chapter list and keep it up to date (so you don’t have to do that additional time-consuming work for your own website). If you run your chapter in accordance with the main intent of Karen Dunigan’s original model, we will eventually learn about you and get you listed.

Of course, the benefit is the ability to connect with other chapters all over the world to share best practices and exchange ideas via our LinkedIn and Facebook forums and at conferences. The updated chapter list also ensures that you can directly view and contact any operational chapters.

As a reminder, you are free to operate your chapter as you see fit, as we believe in the grassroots nature of this giving circle in that you know what’s best for your community. The concept was formed to be simple, impactful and powerful.